A herbal blend for the normal functioning of the urinary system

It is recommended for easing the symptoms of urinary tract infections through reducing the likelihood of inflammation, preventing the formation of kidney stones, stimulating the secretion of urine, and eliminating bacteria from the urinary tract.

Urinary problems tend to be very unpleasant, persistent, and often painful. PhytoUrinal herbal blend is a good preventative for anyone prone to these infections and also a help in solving urinary problems.


Oregano (Origani herba), Horsetail (Equiseti herba), Smooth rupturewort [upper part] (Herniariae herba), Birch leaf (Betulae folium), Couch grass rhizome (Graminis rhizoma), Goldenrod [upper part] (Solidaginis herba )

Preparation and dosage:  Pour 200ml of boiling water over one teabag, cover and leave for 15-20 minutes. Take the teabag out and drink unsweetened three times a day.