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Phytopharma – health and strength from the nature

Carefully merging centuries-old knowledge and the original herbal recipes with the highest production standards, we have created Phyto – a line of products designed for those who want to invest in their health. Every herb, precious herbal extracts and oils are specially selected and joined, so that their’s healing and synergetic action assist in healing and vitality. Assortment of Phyto products consist of teas, syrups, herbal oils, products made ​​of honey and propolis, as well as specially designed products, tonics and herbal blends.

For more than two decades the company “Bilje Borca” has been gaining trust of customers with quality, innovative yet traditionally prepared products. With a desire to put nature at the service of good health, we continue to build the trust with top quality, knowledge, skill and care that we put into each of our products.