Herbal elixir

Anemia is not a condition to be treated lightly – it’s the precursor to many serious diseases. The dietary supplement and elixir, ‘Hemohelp’, has been created with this in mind. Through combining traditional, folk medicine and knowledge of today’s phytotherapy, this top herbal supplement is made from 18 herbs extracted in quality red wine, enriched with honey. From nettle leaf, gentian root, juniper fruits, and blueberry leaf through to sage, coltsfoot, horsetail and the flower and leaf of echinacea, this product contains only natural ingredients.

Hemohelp elixir is intended for the treatment of all types of anemia, maintaining good health, improving blood count, appetite, and digestion, strengthening the immune system, maintaining vitality, and for convalescents.

Hemohelp elixir is recommended for the following reasons:

• A natural dietary supplement for all types of anemia,
• Has beneficial effects on the body’s condition of those undergoing chemotherapy,
• Strengthens the immune system,
• Improves appetite and digestion,
• Regulates liver, gall bladder, and kidney functions,
• Almost irreplaceable in maintaining vitality and improving the health of convalescents.

It is easily tolerated and has no side effects, including any of those characteristic for products aimed at treating anemia (nausea, and feeling of bloating and discomfort in the stomach).

Active ingredients:
• Liquid extract of blended medicinal plants in wine
• Honey
The liquid extract is obtained from a blend of the following medicinal plants:
• Nettle leaf (Urtica dioica folium)
• Gentian root (Genciana lutea radix)
• Sweet Flag Rhizome (Calami rhisoma)
• Echinacea [upper part] (Echinaceae herba)
• Yarrow [upper part] (Achillea millefolium herba)
• Sage leaf (Salviae folium)
• Rosemary leaf (Rosmarini folium)
• Speedwell [upper part] (Veronicae Herba)
• Burdock root (Bardanae radix)
• Centaury [upper part] (Centauri herba)
• Horsetail [upper part] (Equiseti herba)
• Juniper berries (Juniperi fructus)
• Knotgrass [upper part] (Polygonum aviculare herba)
• Plantain leaf (Plantaginis folium)
• Coltsfoot leaf (Farfarae folium)
• Blackberry leaf (Rubus fructitosi folium)
• St. John’s wort [upper part] (Hyperici herba)
• Oak leaf (Juglandis folium)
Solvent: dry red wine
How to use:
Drink 20 ml of the elixir three times a day, before meals.
Packaging: A glass bottle with 250 ml of solution.