A herbal syrup with added herbal extracts of plantain and marshmallow

Marshmallow root and plantain leaf contain mucus which line the inflamed mucous membranes of the mouth and throat and soothe the irritation from dry coughs. Plantain leaf also contains tannins and a natural antibiotic (aucubin), which acts as an astringent and antibacterial agent.

• soothes dry and irritating coughs
• has beneficial effects on sore throats, colds and the respiratory tract
Net weight: 140 g
Active ingredients
• Aqueous-alcoholic extract of plantain
(Plantago lanceolata, 1:3)
• The aqueous extract of the root of marshmallow
(Althaea officinalis 1:20)
• Vitamin C
(L – Ascorbic acid)
Other Ingredients: Sucrose, distilled water, E 211
How to use:
One tablespoon (15 ml) of syrup three times a day. Use for a maximum of one week. Not recommended for children under 12, nor during pregnancy or while breast-feeding without first seeking medical advice