A herbal blend for relieving discomforts associated with the menopause

The carefully selected combination of herbs relieves the discomforts of the menopause. Their mild effect reduces tension, anxiety, insomnia, frequency of hot flushes, sweating, and headaches.

PhytoFemme has been created with the desire to help women cope during one of the most vulnerable periods of their lives.
PhytoFemme helps women going through the menopause have a better quality of life.


Red clover (Trifolii flos), Common lady’s mantle (Alchemillae herba), Yarrow (Millefolii herba), Nettle (Urticae folium), Licorice (Liquiritae radix), Strawberry leaf (Fragariae folium).

Preparation and dosage: Pour 200ml of boiling water over one teabag, cover and leave for 15-20 minutes. Take the teabag out and drink twice a day. This beverage has a pleasant taste even without adding sugar.

This tea is designed for women going through the menopause.